From Oregon’s Willamette Valley, our production fields extend across the state into Idaho’s Treasure Valley and the Sacramento Valley in Northern California. This means we can produce, harvest, process and ship your product from close proximity, preserving quality and efficiency for our customers.



Vegetable Seeds

Our clients appreciate our high standards for quality in purity and germ, as well as our devotion to type and variety integrity. Our seedsmens’ unwavering commitment to quality keeps them in the fields and in constant contact with colleagues across the globe.

Flower Seeds

Whether you seek a pre-blended wildflower mix for your region, a rare product you just can’t seem to find anywhere, or a custom solution for a difficult planting area, our customer service representatives will work with you to create a quality, beautiful, and terrific result.

Contract Seed Production

Wild West Seed partners with local growers small and large, offering the ability to produce custom or contracted product to meet the need of seed companies across the globe.